Kim (indepndntwmn) wrote,

um.... yeah

I havn't written in here for like frickin 5 million years because I have no friends lol and I am stuck home because I have no friends and my sister is a bitch! well I have no song this time sorry! maybe next time!
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hmmm how true
what's that supposed to mean? why are you reading my journal if you're gonna be mean to me? serioiusly why waste your time if you're just gonna be a bitch about it?
Hey Kim!
I noticed we have a few similar interests. (Hello Kitty, Jessica Simpson, Britney, & Julia Stiles!)
I'd like to be your new LJ friend since you say you have none. haha
You haven't posted in so long its hard to say when you'll see this.
I will wait for you to reply.
Hey, i saw one of your interests was Sam Goody. Do you work there? If so, there's a new community for past & present employees. SamGoody4Me is the link. Check it out! :) This isn't spam, btw. check my user profile, i'm a real person!
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