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my weekend

Ok we had a 3 day weekend and it was pretty cool. ok here we go. On Sunday I had my new friend Leann spend the night (she's from England and she's gorgous!) and she had never been to the movies I guess it's diffrent in England? and I took her to the late movie and we saw Save the last dance wich KICKS ASS!!!!!!!!! I Loved it sooo much. Then on Monday I went up to Boulder to visit my sister Julie who goes to CU. we went out to lunch with my mom and went shopping at the new mall called Flat Iron Crossing (by the flat iron mountins) and I bought a new pair of boots that make me 5 1/2 inches taller (my sister and I measured lol!) and a shirt from Steve Madden. Then I came home took a bath and watched TV, well I was watching 7th Heaven and I never cry in movies or tv shows for that matter and this acctually made me cry! it was sooooooooooooooooooo sad!!!!!!!!! so so so sad! well I don't think anyone is ever going to read this:( so I'm just gonna shut up now talk to you later! bye and my neighbor called me when I was in the shower hmmm..... what could this mean?
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