Kim (indepndntwmn) wrote,

No School!!!

Today is Friday and because of finals we have no school! yes! I am going to the mall and I'm listening to my sister's super mix #2...... funky co madina......... and my buggy shoes it's fun! lol I look like such a scrub today I'm sporting the viser hair up do... oh well I'm just going to get a present for my dad and we might go see a movie.... Center Stage is my favorite. I might go see bounce,miss congeniality,the emporers new groove,what women think, and I really can't wait till the movie "Beautiful" comes out it has the Pepsi girl and Minnie Driver in it. Well I'm being yelled at again by some bitch so I'm just gonna have to stop here I will give you the full update about the mall later!
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