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Ok Stupid fuckin gay ass finals are finally over! today was my last day and I am on Winter Break: ) I am board as hell! I have been home since 12:00 because we only had a half day for finals, and the same as yesterday too! Spanish and Photography were easy as hell! I finished in like 3 seconds, it was a homework assignment we had 2 days before so I was like ummmm ok??? it was sooooooo easy! I think I did ok on my Math.... Public speaking I'm pretty sure I did good on that! I got a 78 out of 115 on my ancient civ and I studied SOOO HARD for that so it kinda pissed me off! and before finals these girls bitched me out on the phone and it was so fucking retarted!
Then my neighbor mad it 20987465342649838743463768127465 bajillion times worse!!!! he just said some really really shity things to me... here I'll just tell everyone the whole fricking story....
I called my neighbor up and told him some stuff that I did because of him but not only him a lot of other things too... and he's like don't do that .... that's not cool to do that for attention. I was like you think I'm doing it for attention! you can walk right over here and look at it! and then we kept talking and I was like so if you hate me I want to hear it now. he goes I don't hate you but we aren't going to be friends again. and I was like well what did I do! and he was like you didn't do anything. and I was like well then why? and he goes mainly it's an age diffrence and stuff like that. and then we hung up with eachother and I was like this is such shit! he is a sophmore and shit like that! well that's about it so I'm gonna wrap it up there!
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